A Safe Landing for Parrots

located in Grand Rapids, Michigan

To our supporters and followers:
We are emerging from a very challenging period where we were forced to deal with some serious health issues. While we continue to move ahead,  we realize that the high standard of care we are used to providing for the birds might suffer. We have always emphasized that individual attention and time is essential to each bird. They need and deserve to be in homes where they can receive that level of care. Our hearts are heavy,  but we realize that we are no longer able to continue to operate as a rescue.
In the coming days, you will see individual posts on our Facebook Page for each bird that is now available for adoption.  Please realize how much love and concern we have for them, and how difficult this process will be. A word of warning: preference will be given to past adopters and those who have adopted from other rescues and have excellent references. None of these birds are available to applicants that have no experience with the particular species.  We will be requiring an extensive interview process, which will include a home visit or video walk-through.

We so appreciate the support we have received in the short time we have been operating. This decision has been so difficult to make, but realizing the birds will benefit is all we need to move forward.

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  •  12/28/2020 17:11

Raising funds to cover the costs of Tooki's diagnostic testing on January 14th.

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 "Nancy and Ken are very knowledgeable and loving bird parents!! They transported my “ fat Girl fat Girl “ aka Zeke to us. Zeke has brought much love and laughter to our home!!! 


 I adopted a GCC that Nancee and Ken cared for. They were so supportive and knowledgeable through the whole process. I’m so excited to watch this next chapter unfold for you 


 Thanks to this rescue, and the wonderful people who run it, I found my perfect lil sweetheart. The adoption process was not complicated, communication was great and the home where the birds are cared for is amazing. Thank you for allowing me to adopt Ducky, she's my lil snuggle bug! 


 We cannot say enough about Nancee & Ken. You can tell that everything they do comes from a place of love for their rescued birds. They put so much effort into each parrot that you can’t help but feel emotionally charged. They are thoughtful, loving, and truly caring people who only want the very best for each parrot they take in. Their flock is clearly loved, and they all have a place to just be parrots. I wish I could better articulate the vibe that you get when you step foot inside. It’s inspiring and clear that Ken takes a great deal of time & pride in the setup he’s built for the fids. You will not want to leave this oasis, being that each and every parrot has such a great story to tell. We were fortunate enough to adopt Zeus, an umbrella cockatoo, who has the best demeanor and is truly amazing! He’s a sweet boy and our entire family is already in love!! Thank you Nancee & Ken for the work your doing for these precious babies!! You guys are truly angels!! We would highly recommend Soft landing Parrot rescue!! (now "A Safe Landing for Parrots") 

Doug & LindsayAdopter

 Ken & Nancee love what they do and that is very apparent from the moment you meet them. They are excited to tell you about their birds quirks, abilities & preferences and the progress they've made since coming into their rescue. They take great pride in hand making toys and challenging their birds development on a daily basis. When we hit a hiccup, they went so far out of their own way to make our adoption of a special needs Amazon possible because they felt that we were the right home for him and the bond there was very apparent. I cannot thank them enough for dedicating their lives to helping birds in need and very much taking the time and doing the research to make sure a proper placement (forever home!) is made. 

  1. Scroll down on this page to complete our Application if you are within 300 miles of Grand Rapids, MI. WE DO NOT SHIP BIRDS!
  2. Once we review it, if everything looks good to us, we will send you a request to submit a home video.
  3. If you video is approved, we will move forward to an interview, done preferably via Messenger
  4. If you are pre-approved to visit the birds, we will invite you to come meet them. 
We all must realize that not every bird is suitable for every home. Every decision we make is in the best interest of the bird, and the interactions between him and you is most important. Remember, the bird will choose it's person, not the other way around!
Due to security and privacy issues, we only allow those who have been 80% approved thru the adoption process to come into our home. Please understand that we can never be too careful when it comes to the safety of the birds, as well as us humans.
Yes! If you are having trouble with your bird,  we will do our very best to either offer suggestions based on our experience, or refer you to a professional that has had proven success in that particular area of need. We always want the bird to thrive in their home, but we also understand that sometimes things happen to cause problems. Let's work together to find answers!
  1.  Complete our Adoption Application if you live within 300 miles of Grand Rapids, Michigan. 
  2. If we like your application, we will contact you to send us a home video.
  3. Send us a video of your home. We need to see where your new bird's cage will be, and check for any potential dangers in your home.
  4. If we approve your application and video, we will invite you for an interview on Messenger thru our Facebook page. You will be asked to answer basic bird care questions, and give us a chance to really get to know you.
  5. After the interview, we will vote to decide on having you come and visit the birds. If you are approved, we will contact you with further details.
  6. We reserve the right to ask for ID and Driver's License when you arrive. (Please remember this is our home, and we can never be too careful.)
  7. The birds reserve the right to pick their owners! If you come to visit a particular bird, and the two of you just don't 'click', you may visit other available birds and see if there is a connection with them.
  8. Once there is a good connection between you and a bird, you will pay the adoption fee, sign the Adoption Contract and take your bird home. Expect us to follow you closely for the first few weeks! 
We charge minimum fees based on vet care and any special needs. The following is a basic guideline:
  • Cockatiels - $25
  • Conures - $100
  • Quakers - $250
  • Amazons - $300
  • Greys - $400
  •  Macaws, Cockatoos - $500
Adoption fee for a specific bird will be finalized and agreed upon at the time of approval of your application (and meeting the bird).
Fees are *non-refundable* and are due at the time of adoption.

Dante - Congo African Grey

Dante was removed from a hoarding situation 2 years ago, been adopted but was returned to us. He requires a very experienced Grey owner, who must be male, and who is very good at reading body language. Dante will give you clear messages, but it may be subtle, and if you push him too far, he will bite. His favorite way to spend his day is on his cage or cage door, observing other birds or people going about their day. We have modified his cage so he cannot climb down to the floor. (Dante has a "thing" for bathrooms. He will seek it out, and once found, will guard it with his little Grey body. Left alone, he will chew on baseboards, doors, and woodwork. ) As you can see from the one picture, he does sometimes enjoy time with his male caretaker, but doesn't often accept scratches. He has quite a vocabulary of various noises, sounds and words and like most greys, will do his best vocalizing when he does not have an audience. Dante is a very anxious and nervous bird who will need his new owner to be very patient and understand how scared he can become. He is a good example of a bird who prefers ambient attention. He seems to be most relaxed and happy when he is able to observe his surroundings, and sometimes he will even join in the conversations. We hope, with the right owner, he will be shown how awesome the world can be, and he will eventually trust and relax enough to experience it. If you feel you can provide Dante with the care he needs, please fill out our adoption application at www.asafelandingforparrots.org.

If you would like to be considered as a permanent home for one of our birds, please complete this short application.
Following this, we will contact you for a home video and interview if we feel you would be a good fit.




We cannot continue our work without help from people like you! 

Every penny received goes toward food, toys and veterinarian costs. 

Please use this email  to donate using PayPal: nancee@asafelandingforparrots.org