Tooki - Umbrella Cockatoo
As most of you recall,  we had a fundraiser for diagnostic testing for Tooki at the end of last year. What we learned is that he has an abdominal mass, which is likely attached to internal organs and therefore inoperable. 

He has not shown any signs of discomfort or decline; in fact is playing more with toys and behaving more like a Cockatoo than ever!
He will only go to an experienced Cockatoo owner. You must know the body language and the hormonal triggers that Cockatoos are famous for. You must live in a home that can handle Cockatoo screams and yells. You must be able to provide wood pieces continuously,  as he makes perfect kindling. You must be comfortable spending time with him but avoiding his nest-seeking behavior. 

Tooki is 30 years old, and came from a very dark, smelly house with no stimulation or toys. He has come so far in the year he has been here. We believe he is ready to move forward and live his best life with a perfect family. 

If you feel your home is perfect for Tooki, fill out our application at