1. Scroll down on this page to complete our Application if you are within 300 miles of Grand Rapids, MI. WE DO NOT SHIP BIRDS!
  2. Once we review it, if everything looks good to us, we will send you a request to submit a home video.
  3. If you video is approved, we will move forward to an interview, done preferably via Messenger
  4. If you are pre-approved to visit the birds, we will invite you to come meet them. 
We all must realize that not every bird is suitable for every home. Every decision we make is in the best interest of the bird, and the interactions between him and you is most important. Remember, the bird will choose it's person, not the other way around!
Due to security and privacy issues, we only allow those who have been 80% approved thru the adoption process to come into our home. Please understand that we can never be too careful when it comes to the safety of the birds, as well as us humans.
Yes! If you are having trouble with your bird,  we will do our very best to either offer suggestions based on our experience, or refer you to a professional that has had proven success in that particular area of need. We always want the bird to thrive in their home, but we also understand that sometimes things happen to cause problems. Let's work together to find answers!
  1.  Complete our Adoption Application if you live within 300 miles of Grand Rapids, Michigan. 
  2. If we like your application, we will contact you to send us a home video.
  3. Send us a video of your home. We need to see where your new bird's cage will be, and check for any potential dangers in your home.
  4. If we approve your application and video, we will invite you for an interview on Messenger thru our Facebook page. You will be asked to answer basic bird care questions, and give us a chance to really get to know you.
  5. After the interview, we will vote to decide on having you come and visit the birds. If you are approved, we will contact you with further details.
  6. We reserve the right to ask for ID and Driver's License when you arrive. (Please remember this is our home, and we can never be too careful.)
  7. The birds reserve the right to pick their owners! If you come to visit a particular bird, and the two of you just don't 'click', you may visit other available birds and see if there is a connection with them.
  8. Once there is a good connection between you and a bird, you will pay the adoption fee, sign the Adoption Contract and take your bird home. Expect us to follow you closely for the first few weeks! 
We charge minimum fees based on vet care and any special needs. The following is a basic guideline:
  • Cockatiels - $25
  • Conures - $100
  • Quakers - $250
  • Amazons - $300
  • Greys - $400
  •  Macaws, Cockatoos - $500
Adoption fee for a specific bird will be finalized and agreed upon at the time of approval of your application (and meeting the bird).
Fees are *non-refundable* and are due at the time of adoption.