Dante - Congo African Grey
Dante was removed from a hoarding situation 2 years ago, been adopted but was returned to us. He requires a very experienced Grey owner,  who must be male, and who is very good at reading body language.  Dante will give you clear messages, but it may be subtle, and if you push him too far, he will bite. 
His favorite way to spend his day is on his cage or cage door, observing other birds or people going about their day. We have modified his cage so he cannot climb down to the floor. (Dante has a "thing" for bathrooms.  He will seek it out, and once found, will guard it with his little Grey body. Left alone, he will chew on baseboards,  doors, and woodwork. ) 
As you can see from the one picture,  he does sometimes enjoy time with his male caretaker,  but doesn't often accept scratches. He has quite a vocabulary of various noises, sounds and words and like most greys, will do his best vocalizing when he does not have an audience. 
Dante is a very anxious and nervous bird who will need his new owner to be very patient and understand how scared he can become.  He is a good example of a bird who prefers ambient attention.  But we hope,  with the right owner, he will be shown how awesome the world can be, and he will eventually trust and relax enough to experience it.
If you feel you can provide Dante with the care he needs, please fill out our adoption application at www.asafelandingforparrots.org.