To our supporters and followers:
We are emerging from a very challenging period where we were forced to deal with some serious health issues. While we continue to move ahead,  we realize that the high standard of care we are used to providing for the birds might suffer. We have always emphasized that individual attention and time is essential to each bird. They need and deserve to be in homes where they can receive that level of care. Our hearts are heavy,  but we realize that we are no longer able to continue to operate as a rescue.
In the coming days, you will see individual posts on our Facebook Page for each bird that is now available for adoption.  Please realize how much love and concern we have for them, and how difficult this process will be. A word of warning: preference will be given to past adopters and those who have adopted from other rescues and have excellent references. None of these birds are available to applicants that have no experience with the particular species.  We will be requiring an extensive interview process, which will include a home visit or video walk-through.

We so appreciate the support we have received in the short time we have been operating. This decision has been so difficult to make, but realizing the birds will benefit is all we need to move forward.

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